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Established in 2005, Blue Roan Inc. Realtors is a local broker-owned company specializing in residential property management. Tailoring our services to meet client needs for over 13 years, Blue Roan Inc. Realtors take pride in developing personal relationships with clients while continuing to offer quality, affordable housing. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, renter, or investor, Blue Roan Inc. Realtors have the tools and experience needed.

Management agreements are designed to address your specific needs and reflect your desired level of involvement. You can expect clear communication and timely task completion, as well as peace of mind knowing that your investments are protected. The cornerstone of Blue Roan Inc. Realtors' success is their desire to share that success with their clients.

A cheated client writes to the press " Their charges are outrageous. The management is very rude and disorganized. I made a half payment for a property I bought from them with the intention of moving in after two months. I contacted the company and I was told that, the property has been sold to a different person and the money is yet to be refunded."


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Corrina Limb says

"I used tails .com puppy food 1 day she was ok till she eat it x then she was very sick so my bit older dog tryed some x she was sick x both dogs was very sick a hour after eating food do i stopped it"

Mr t Mackinder says

"One month u charge me £13.40 Next month I charge me £20.40 WHY IS THAT B BELLA"

Colin Campbell says

"I don't usually write reviews but feel compelled to do so following our experience of using Tails dog food. The first two bags we had appeared okay but after a couple of meals of the third bag our dog was taken seriously ill with diarrhoea and vomiting. We initially thought he must have picked something up whilst on a walk so after three weeks of treatment on special diet and antibiotics from the vet we started on the tails food again. This time our dog started having diarrhoea after about 3 days on the Tails diet so we went back to the vet who started the same treatment again which lasted for about 4 weeks this time before we put him back on the food he was on prior to the Tails food. I have been in touch with Tails and at first they appeared to be taking it seriously and asked me to keep some of the food as they would want to test it to see if it was contaminated. However, they never followed this up and after waiting three weeks since my last email to them I have decided to write this review in case anyone else has had unexpected illnesses with their pet. This has been a very distressing and costly process, but luckily our dog has now recovered and is back on the food he was having prior to me falling for the Tails marketing of having bespoke food for your pet. I'm hoping Tails will now take this seriously and have the food tested and warn other dog owners of potential problems with their food."

Ionut says

"They are claiming this is personalised recipe for every dog. The first trial bag they send to me for my 4,5 months small breed puppy the size of the kibble was like £1 coin!! Seriously...? I gave one to my puppy and she fight 10 min to brake that and eat half of it. Called them up and literally next day they send another bag with smaller ones but still not the right size for a small breed puppy. I really think this is same food for everyone. My dog didn’t liked anyway so I’m glad I had to cancel the subscription. I think is low quality food in a nice plastic bag."

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